Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pickled Eggs and Beets

I think it's such a gorgeous color.
It's fresh, acidic, vinaigrey, and just so different.
Beets, hard boiled eggs, onions, apple cider vinaigre, dill, pickling spices, garlic, peppercorns-- need I say more? The longer it sits, the better. After over 12 hours of pickling, you can see the beet juice penetrates the white of the egg.
We had this growing up and, with my sister in town for her birthday, she requested it to be made. She's guarding it with her life from family and telling everyone it's horrible so as to have more herself! Translation: It's amazing and mine. Don't even think about it.

It's a wonderful and light side dish for any occasion, but it's awesome in summer since it's so light and fresh. Give it a try when you're wracking your brain for a different side dish and just can't think of anything. And the best thing is that you can make it so far ahead of time!

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