Saturday, January 31, 2009 chocolate

What can warm you up better than this on a cold night?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing I tell you.

In case you need more convincing:

And still some more:Double take:

You know what that is on top? Freshly whipped cream. Oh, yes. The first time I made this for my boyfriend he looked at me like I was crazy when I was whipping the cream. When my hand hurt I gave him the whisk--we do manual labor here--and let him go at it. Once it reached soft peaks I added 1 tablespoon vanilla and confectioner's sugar to taste. I then took the wheel and whisked until it reached stiff peaks. Et voila. My boyfriend stood there, mouth agape. I love that I can still surprise him with such simple things.

So this time around he made the fresh whipped cream, start to finish. And he was still in awe. I wish I could have a time-lapse video but I don't so pictures will have to suffice!

Can you see it taking shape? So cool.

Now for the chocolate part of the hot chocolate. Whole milk (2% works just fine too), about 3/4 of a Lindt 70% dark bar, Madagascar vanilla, sugar. Add the chocolate, vanilla, and sugar to your own taste. Add some, taste, add more, taste again. Really, that doesn't sound bad now does it?!
And the adorable mugs that housed the chocolate gold. I have a pretty large mug collection so I'll have to post about that in the near future!


melissa said...

I almost made fresh whipped at Thanksgiving, but by that time, I was so done with cooking and just exhausted. It has to be wonderful, though.

Tiffany said...

Too funny--I convinced my mom to let me make some for Thanksgiving instead of buying Cool Whip! I'm trying to convince her to get fresh, real ingredients instead of processed ones. It does definitely get eliminated from the list when you're preparing a whole Thanksgiving meal.