Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is the coolest idea since sliced bread. TasteBook! It's your very own cookbook. There are tons of pre-made TasteBooks put together by the editors of Epicurious and AllRecipes. You can also create your own personalized TasteBook and import recipes from your Epicurious recipe box, import recipes from pre-made TasteBooks, or add your own personal recipes and upload pictures. It doesn't get much cooler than this. You select one of their beautiful cover photos (tons to choose from!), add your own title and choose the color. Then you hunt down your best recipes!

The hard cover cookbook has an easy open binder that allows you to add and remove recipes with ease. You can even order your cookbook and a few recipes and then order more as you go along. It keeps track of how many recipes you originally purchased and will subtract from that total. Just pay shipping, the new recipes are mailed, and you simply put them in your TasteBook!

Okay, enough of sounding like an infomercial. I'm currently working on mine and it's aptly named, what else, but Mélange! I'll add an update once I accumulate enough recipes and order the book!

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